A brief exploration of the state of play for gay professional footballers in the UK, Offside Bounce is a short info graphic presenting the feature film in development. 

In this extract from Blood, Tiger hooks up with a dodgy client who turn outs to be quite dangerous. Blood was the first film in the trilogy of shorts Blood Sweat & Tears (but filmed after the successful Iris Prize shortlisted film: Sweat)..

Trailer to the Iris Prize shortlisted short film that started of the trilogy. David Paisley, Tom Frederic and Tom Swash 2007

The funeral scene from the short film Tears forms part of the Blood & and Tears trilogy of shorts. Made in 2010 written and directed by John Lochland, screened at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Extract from the short film that screened at Cannes in competition in Short Film Corner 2008. Commissioned by Virgin Media and North West Vision